1. G

    I'm new so hello!

    Hello there fellow adisc ers I am new here. I joined because I'm having a mental health crisis. I am chronically ill with a severe mental health condition and I wondered are there any other mental health sufferers who have trouble with incontinence due to acute anxiety? Plus does anyone else...
  2. M

    Dealing with the TSA at the airport help

    So, I understand that there have been a bunch of threads about this before, but they always seem to get derailed by off topic discussion, so I figure, what the heck, mine as well make another one that focuses on a few specific things. I plan on flying out of my hometown in the next couple...
  3. DLbillAL

    Incontinent Bowel

    I my self have been wearing diapers for the last couple of years due to a some what incontinent bowel. I have a weak bowel mussel according to the doctor and there is not much to do about it. I was told to try to regulate it by taking a powder fiber supplement and do that. The doctor told me...
  4. P

    In Praise of the Good Stuff

    I just saw and commented on a thread "Do You Think Diapers Look Good On You?" I think wearing just briefs alone I can accept as OK. Wearing lined plastic pants over them looks silly to me. I took to wearing the lined pants as an antidote for leaks in bed and while sitting, especially while...
  5. P

    Saved Again

    I wear a lined plastic pant over my diaper, even when I'm wearing Dry 24/7 brand. My Abena leaked when driving my car earlier. My pants and seat were saved from getting wet by the lined plastic pants. Never once has a leak gone beyond the plastic pants; this combination is secure and...
  6. P

    Not sure of my "adult baby" identity yet. Please read :)

    I just started practicing my adult baby lifestyle, however I've always felt this way inside, but never knew there was actually a practice for it. I'm a 22 year old girl. I've seen lots of identities, such as "sissies" and "LG," but what are the differences between all of the different...
  7. Pramrider

    No More Member List?

    Just noticed the member list search feature is gone from the top of the index page. Is this an added security measure? Sometimes I liked looking through there alphabetically to see how many new ones have joined that you don't hear from very often. ~Pramrider