1. Poofybutt

    Infantile Bliss

    I just finished graduating University, and during the last week I had zero time for anything AB related. Well, since yesterday was my last day and I have some free time before my next contractual gig starts, I decided to go into baby mode yesterday evening and well into today. I always have...
  2. dlbilli

    Warm, Wet, and Secure

    Hi everyone - I found this community by accident and have enjoyed the posts. When I was 6 and in hospital for a few days I was diapered over my loud protests. My dad explained the need for the staff not getting up every 15 min to take a child out of their crib to the bathroom. He told me to...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Received my diapers

    Got my Cushies diapers two hours ago and I can already tell how delighted and excited I am!!! The BabyFresh scent that was added in the diapers smelled really sweet and so babyish that this whole thing reminds me of my old baby days. I put on one of the diapers, but not before applying...