second life

  1. B

    How much hardware do you need for Second Life?

    I need to herbs new computer because Second Life raised their minimum system requirements high enough that I can no longer log in. Right now, I'm using a netbook, so I don't have a very powerful rig. I'm looking at a laptop that has an ATI Radeon 4330 HD graphics chipset (512 Mb RAM). Will...
  2. Target

    Question For Second Life Furries

    Hello Furries. I have a question for all furries that hangs around SL. I got money and I would like to buy a new furry Avatar. I've been told about some good shops like Luskwood, Aventity or Feral furries, but I'm not sure about them. Do you guys know any other shop or have suggestions?
  3. betagame

    anyone here plays Second Life [online game]|Teen Grid|

    I have a second life account on TG, but i dont have the video card drivers installed:damnpc::damnpc::( onmy piece of shit computer. so i cant play for now i havent been on for 3 years. neone else play that is on ADISC. sign up here/what is second life :cool: