1. L

    Seattle area diaper Cub

    Hi all, I moved to the Seattle area earlier this year. I am down in Renton. I am 26, have been into the diaper scene for a really long time, and am AB/DL as well as furry. I just started getting into my cub side and am looking forward to making new cub friends in the area. Let me know if you...
  2. J

    Good diaps in Washington State

    Other than AB Universe, Tykables or Olympic Pharmacy is there anywhere to buy good diapers in WA state? Olympic pharmacy has molicare super plus but they're going away from poly backing soon. There's gotta be somewhere that still has poly backed diapers?
  3. D

    Moving to Seattle

    Hey all! I'll be moving home to Washington at some point this year and just wanted to start the process of looking for a place to live/possible roommates. I'm looking in the Seattle area (preferably near SeaTac, Seattle/Capitol Hill, or Bellevue) since I will be working at the airport. I'm...
  4. B

    hey there

    thought id say hi, just a seattle diaper lover here, looking to see who else is in the area.
  5. seattlebabyboy

    New again

    :smile: Hi all, I'm not exactly newbie tho I might as well be. I haven't been on here in about a year. In fact, I forgot all about it til I saw something in my email this morning. So here's a lil refresher for those who may remember me and an intro for those who don't - yet. I'm a gay dl in...
  6. C

    A Nice Midwestern Diaper Boy in Chicago With Big Bro/Daddy Tendencies :)

    Hey everyone! I don't know why I haven't registered and been active on this site before. I've been a member of several other online diaper communities for several years. I am a nice Midwestern boy who travels to both coasts with some regular frequency. I've been wearing since I was 15 and have...
  7. carstoncouche

    Seattle Diaperboy

    I'm new to ADISC, but have been into diapers all my life. I love fishing/hiking/camping and working on my house, preferably in nice thick diapers. [Removed] Some things I really like: super-thick, layered diapers worn until they are absolutely soaked; humiliation and embarassment/ exposure...
  8. doofy

    Seattle babyfur/dl

    Just joined after getting a tip about this site from a friend on I live and work in Kent, but most of my friends are in Seattle. [removed] :-)
  9. aboyslife

    Greetings from Seattle

    Hey everyone. My name is Steven. I'm a 24 year old dl from the Seattle area. I just wanna say hello and introduce myself. I have been wearing since I was a teenager *13*, in middle school. I do not really consider myself and ab, mostly I'm dl. I'm gay, and active in my community (we have...