1. D

    Amazing google search find!

    Today I realized something when I was browsing diaper stores on google in my own language (finnish). When you type "aikuisten" (adult's), the first suggestion is "aikuisten vaipat" (that translates to adult's diapers). How weird is that?! It's exciting to find it more popular than education etc...
  2. C

    Finding a Parent or Playmate

    Well, this is completely out of the blue for those who hang out here often. I've lurked here once in a while when I find the time, but that's a whole other story. Basically, I'm no longer living with my family because of so many reasons that I can't count them with my fingers and toes. But that...
  3. Pramrider

    No More Member List?

    Just noticed the member list search feature is gone from the top of the index page. Is this an added security measure? Sometimes I liked looking through there alphabetically to see how many new ones have joined that you don't hear from very often. ~Pramrider
  4. betagame

    i dont see people tagging threads

    i hame been reading a lot of threads NO TAGS doesnt that defeat the purpous of having tags there should be a requirement of a minumum of 3 tags For example i tag threads ALL THE TIME (see below)