1. D

    Hello from Aberdeen Scotland

    Hi folks , just introducing myself here and looking foreword to exploring the site. i have been an ABDL for most of my 28 years say hello if you are not a creep
  2. L

    My story

    Hello, I'm new and just wanted to share my story about how this all started. I have been into wetting myself from a young age, and did it on purpose as much as I could. Then eventually I had to grow up but still enjoyed the occasional sneaky pants wetting. Then when I was around 8 I had gone to...
  3. E


    [Removed] I havn't ever joined a group like this, I am into nappies and wetting! Pm me if you want to chat :)
  4. Talula

    Scotland v England Rugby Game!

    Well in two weeks time (Saturday the 13th March) a lot of rowdy rugby fans will be descening onto my lovely city (Edinburgh) for this hard fought match! I'll be working that weekend, and we're already planning our strategy (to kilt, or not to kilt? Will we survive the beatings if we wear a...