1. Slomo

    Am I Autistic?

    So I often see someone say they are Autistic and like or do certain things I can relate to. I have never been diagnosed as Autistic though, even by my old therapist from when I was a kid. So on a whim I just decided to try an online self test here...
  2. xtrabulk

    Eugene, Oregon Score Available...nearby.

    There are about 90 12ct packs of plastic backed diapers and 50 packs of Perfit cloth backed diapers at the Goodwill in Albany, Oregon. They are all for $5.00/pack. Thing is, the plastic ones look very cheap. I think they might be VA diapers. They are yellow with blue indicator. No waistband or...
  3. SuperTed

    Awesome diaper deals (too good not to post)!!

    Just spotted this gem on Gumtree Australia: ULTRA ABSORBENT INCONTINENCE PADS MEDIUM UP TO 130CMS | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast North - Hollywell The ad is for 5 packs of Kendall Lille supreme fit maxi briefs in medium size. These are the old plastic backed type, before...
  4. leffykit

    Kendal Lille bulk on ebay

    I really wish I had the cash and my own place to stash 'em, but seeing as I don't and won't in the near future I figured I'd give anyone interested a heads up on something I found on ebay. Unfortunately its UK only but still.. Job lot of 731 Lille Incontinence Adult Pads , nappies on eBay (end...