1. kik91

    A Lullaby For Others - An ABDL Novel

    I know, I know, I just posted a story and now I'm posting another. But this one was too awesome to leave behind! Tell me what you think, and enjoy! It's just the Prologue but I think it's interesting. Maybe it needs some work but hey, I'm not perfect! A Lullaby For Others By Alessandro...
  2. Tripped

    Starbase Zenon

    The morning was early; within the eerily quiet confines of the quarts Tobin and Marshal Planters resided in, both adults slept soundly under thin silver sheets. Just as they did at the exact same time everyday, overhead lights flickered to life giving the cold space a warm glow. When the...
  3. DeftLeppard

    All Furries Go to Heaven

    I wrote this story based on a dream I had last night, so I thought I would share it with you. I already have the story in its entirety planned out, but will be posting it in chapters. All feedback is greatly appreciated, and most importantly, ENJOY!!!!!! All Furries go to Heaven By Deft Leppard...
  4. ShippoFox

    FTL: Faster Than Light

    I just got it from a Steam sale last week. Sometimes I love this game. It's very fun and addictive! It's hard to tear myself away from it sometimes. I've already played it for many, many hours! But sometimes I really hate it! It's so easy to get really far, be doing really well, and then just...
  5. tomahawk

    Let me reintroduce myself.

    Hi, my name is Thomas. I did an intro more than a year ago, but got back into the lurker role. Shame on me (not really, I just didn't feel for comment on stuff.) I am a Linux user, a programmer, and I like my small portion of sci-fi -- particular Dr. Who and Star Trek. I am a cigar aficionado...