1. ronnieM

    First Day of School Outfit

    Tomorrow morning I start my first day of school (in college), so I laid all of the clothes I plan to wear out on the floor like I did the night before my first first day of school (Kindergarten). I still remember my first day from the moment I woke up. Was excited and got my red, white, and...
  2. R


    Hey guys, when you guys were in highschool did you guys ever wear diapers to school? I know that I wore goodnites, baby diapers, and adult pullups and adult diapers. Secondly did you guys use them? Thanks!
  3. nightfox320

    Diapers, ADHD, and Distractions.

    I don't know if its just me but it seems that my ADHD and constant distractability tends to flare up when I have a huge workload and stress bearing down on me from law school. During these times it seems like my mind just wants to focus on my little side. Kinda like my mind is trying to hide...
  4. EdwardTheDL1998

    I think I got caught? What should I do?

    Okay, so... I go to school in Denmark ATM. (Higher Technical Exam. AKA. HTX.) And there's this girl who one day suddenly laughed a bit, which I thought was directed at me, cause she pointed in my direction. (Everyone in our class had to much fun to realize that she meant something about me, so...
  5. L

    The Drought

    Andi and Brenda Jones drove up to their new home, excited to begin their new life in a new town. The town wasn’t just new to them, but new to everyone. Williamsburg was designed with the latest high-tech in every aspect, and the first residents had moved in less than a year earlier. Each home...
  6. JackCares

    Diaper Inculcation

    Here’s the first 4 chapters of a story I’ve been working on for a while. Commentary is welcome. :twocents: I will release some more chapters if I can get some positive pressure! Diaper Inculcation Julia O'Shea was born Julia Blair and was raised in Connecticut. Her father...
  7. Poofybutt

    Feeling Down :(

    Don’t really know where to put this, but I just needed to vent and maybe get a positive chat going, anyone feel free to respond. So I just had a horrible week, nothing but Masters applications, ceaseless hours of thankless, extra-curricular school work, juggling my own thesis obligations with...
  8. Poofybutt

    Diapers as a Study Aid

    Hey Y'all I was wondering, do any of you guys find diapers and regression to be an effective study aid? I certainly do! First off, there is definitely a layer of convenience in diapering up when you are pulling an all-nighter or if you are in study mode. If you're wearing a diaper you don't...
  9. Angellothefox

    I remeber someone from school

    I remeber someone from school that use to wet himself. Not by accsedent but on purpose. The teachers use to tell him off. Now that I think about it I wonder weather he wet himself because he enjoyed the feeling of it or just because he liked been told off? He even did it on one of the trips on...
  10. R

    School troubles

    So when I wake up in the diaper I am wet how can I make my butt not smell like Pee and I can't take a shower in the morning to get ready for school and still put a new diaper on
  11. miapeters

    Diapers and school/college

    Hello again, mia here I'm just wondering how your'll managed incontinence/diapers at school or college. Did you still manage to do certain activities. How did your peers and teachers treat you and what kind of facilities did they have for you to change. I remember I was in the school orchestra...
  12. KittyninjaW

    I hate things I cannot control

    Hello everyone, First off I am having problems accepting myself, and It is effecting my family, Mostly becuse I don't know what myself is I don't know If I am trans or a little girl or a sissy. But One thing I do know is that I want to be a little girl and wear diapers all day and be doted on by...
  13. Bear85

    life's little problems with ic

    Just curious, and possibly looking for some hints for my own life, how do the other genuinely ic members here deal with being ic with work/home life/school (uni/college)? What I mean by this in my own experience ; I have issues with my living situation, I dont feel comfortable letting my...
  14. K

    A Way for College Students to Get Diapers Free

    I've seen a lot of posts about college students specifically not being able to afford diapers. I found a way that all of us college going diaper lovers can get some essentially for free, so I thought we could all try and help each other out. It might actually work for some highschool people too...
  15. T

    Dance Mother F**ker Dance!

    Hi everyone! Please do not let my thread post scare you, I was justing listening to some music and that was a line said by the Violent Femmes ;) 1. I really really like music. I play a few instruments and if you are interested I have a soundcloud as well as a youtube channel where I do a few...
  16. PetPuppyAlex

    What Counts as 24/7?

    I know, this sounds like a really odd question with a no-brainer answer, but whatever. I want to start wearing 24/7 when my case of Bambinos comes in. The only issue is that I'm still a high school senior. With mandatory gym classes. This is my qualm: There are certain occasions, like gym...
  17. PetPuppyAlex

    Bambinos to school?

    Okay, so, as most of you, I've been wearing diapers for years. That includes to school. I love wearing to school. For every reason that I'm sure you've heard before. My question is this. As a soon to be first-time Bambino-wearer (just ordered my first case on a whim... xD) would you say yay or...
  18. SuperSecretFoxy

    Hi guys, I'm back. with news.

    Hey Guys, I've been gone for a long time now, thought I'd post a hello together with some other news. School started not so long ago(actually two months, but hey), and from the start I was busy. I started a course where you get to learn how to make video games, coding and art alike. In short...
  19. BabyRay

    My Introduction

    Hello! people from adisc. I'm Mexican, I have good notes at school, and like playing video games, including Zelda. I love anime like: Dragon Ball, Naruto and Pokemon. I'm here because I want to wear diapers, and in te night i always sleep with my paci. Actually, I'm sucking on it right...
  20. ibeadorkable

    Diapers or self-catheterization while at school?

    I am either at school for class or there for work every day of the week. When I am working it's a little easier to excuse myself. I have all of my "supplies" in a small green Hello Kitty tote from Target that people always think is so cute. It's still really difficult & rather painful for me to...