1. Angellothefox

    Try not to wet/mess yourself horror challenge

    I do not really know where to put this. It dose not seem to fit in forum fun and it dose not seem to fit in diaper talk or adult baby little. So if anyone manages to find somewhere for it please do not hassetate to move it there thank you Angello. Some sceans maybe and will be disturbing to...
  2. dogboy

    Finished Werewolf

    I wrote "Werewolf" several years ago for this site. Since that time, the story forum was reformatted and the older stories removed. A friend on this site asked if I would re-post it so here it is. It has also been on Nook Book and it remained for two years on their front advertising page with...
  3. dogboy

    Finished Coffee Stop

    I wrote "Coffee Stop" three years ago for this site and I thought I'd re-post it since all the old stories were removed. I usually submit a scary story for Halloween. I've been working on a new story, but that got back burnered when my wife went into the hospital. I had hoped to get it finished...
  4. C

    Among the sleep

    You play from the perspective of a two year old. I know that there was a post about this game last year but, for a update there is now a demo for the game for all that want to play it :) Among the Sleep by Krillbite Studio » Try Among the Sleep now! (Playable alpha out) — Kickstarter It is fun...
  5. S

    Favorite scary game?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. What's your favorite game that scared you? That includes games that aren't meant to be scary, but still had some part that creeped you out. Like those statues in Majora's Mask. *SHUDDER* Personally, mine is the Slender game. Holy tortoise shells of doom, that...