1. KittyninjaW

    Is it wrong to be afraid to say what I think?

    Hello everyone, Anyway I am afraid to say what I think for fear of offending people, and I want everyone to like me, and I rather have peace than an argument, which is what I feel all the time. How do I get over that?
  2. A

    Mormon Pony Confused and Scared

    Well... Wow, yeah, big step for me, making an ADISC account'n all. Just a week after wearing my first real one, too. Anyways, I'm a brony (in case it wasn't obvious enough), and I absolutely love engineering and physics and stuff. Like crazy. I can give long lectures on string theory, general...
  3. S

    Leaping or Flopping

    So I decided to try Ballet.......scared as heck and my first class is on Sun......could use support or advice.
  4. Mei

    Worried, Anxious or Plain Scared?

    I don't know if this is the right forum to post this in but...I've just come back onto ADISC to have a look around the site on a whim, after talking to a friend who is into the AB/DL lifestyle. I was active on here a little while ago and even started a role play that I had intended to be long...
  5. Ringo5

    Plushie dependance??

    Ok, this may be kinda odd. First, i'm deathly afraid of the dark, even at my age haha. Secondly, i have to sleep with my pinkie pie plushie from build a bear or I get very anxious and sad. The thing is, for a school project, my Japanese teacher is taking us all to Japan on the 8th of July...
  6. jter42

    Traumatizing events leading to actual mental/physical regression.

    Well in the past 2 years many things have happened to me that have been huge changes in my life. 1 of the big one's is my mom buying a farm and moving. Which the result was me living on my own paying bills at age 16 and through 17. I was so, so, alone in that place. It was living hell, sometimes...
  7. A

    this wont take over/ruin my life will it?

    This may be a stupid question but I have to ask it. I have read threads where people talk about how they wet themselves at night, and how they started wearing diapers 24/7 because it didn't feel the same without them. So my main questions are Well I wet myself in public because I will used to...
  8. ilovedaddy

    so bored lately

    anyone just so bored lately? i got friends i can hang with and im always with my fiancée and i don't know! im just so bored..... its like blah!
  9. L

    What do you do when you've read too much creepypasta

    AND YOU'RE PARALYZED IN FEAR AND WON'T EVER RECOVER :( seriously legitimately crying. I know it's an overreaction but I've always been kind of childlike in all the wrong ways. I cry and become frightened too easily, can't hold romantic relationships because I just want to be taken care of, but...
  10. Adyson

    Your beginnings

    So here is a question for all of you. I remember a story of an AB who described going to the baby aisle (or going near, for that matter) as, "looking into the face of the beast". I'm 18, and I still tense up and shake when I even see a baby item that can be associated with paraphernalia. If I go...
  11. leicesterfan

    Scared of ordering diapers

    I recently emailed an advisor at Dorset nusring supplies to ask if I could order a sample pack of tena slips because I really wanted to try some. Hwever, when he emailed me back saying price and everything, I was just hit with an overwhelming sense of apprehension that my mum would find out then...
  12. Martin

    irrational fears

    Speaks for itself. Do you have any irrational fears? Fears of stuff that you shouldn't be afraid of as it's not dangerous. I got 1, needles... blood tests, shots, anything... I don't care I can't stand it. Now you.