1. M

    SAP and pulp coming out of the diaper

    I've had this problem occasionally with many different diapers over the years. Sometimes the plastic comes loose and the SAP and pulp comes out. It usually happens right where there's the most pressure when sitting on it. Now I'm trying out tykables camelots. I've worn two and both times had to...
  2. O

    Is there a reason ABDL companies don't make good booster pads?

    I've been trying out many different booster pads since the really good ones were discontinues many years ago (old Abri-let Maxi, AO Vorlage and Azipads - if you didn't try any of these, you don't know what good booster is). Unfortunately all of the current available ones are really...
  3. tiny

    Diaper padding: firm or squishy?

    I've noticed a trend, where manufacturers seem to be using less wood pulp and more SAP in their diapers. Dry padding with more wood pulp tend to feel quite stiff and dense. Padding with more SAP feels softer and more flexible. When wet, the SAP-rich feels really soft and squishy, whereas...
  4. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diapered in The Bath Tes

    This is a test on how to see how diapers react to bathtime!!! Test 1 Depends ??/??/2017 Shower test It did fine. The water didn't get in the diaper much at all!!! :D It didn't bust! Although it was quite hot and heavy! Test 2 Depends ??/??/2017 Bathtime Test It was fine and dry. Until...
  5. tiny

    "What's in a disposable nappy?" (BBC short)

    I missed this in the news a few days ago, but apparently a child was hospitalised after suffering an adverse "chemical reaction" to a Asda's "Little Angels" nappies, which have now been withdrawn from sale. :frown: In response, people contacted the BBC to...
  6. L

    Make the most of a nappy/diaper

    ok i bought a small pack of "christmas snow" which is basically just SAP that expands when wet, using a tiy cut in the front of my cuddlz i poured the whole tube in to the inside of the cotton wool stuffing so that wetness hits it first, i have to say i have failed to fill this nappy myself and...