1. deiveron

    Sample packs

    anyone know a place to get a custom sample kit with a bunch if samples. I already went to HDIS. but im trying to find some other types and brands
  2. itsacurlyone

    Free Superio Samples For Aussie's is offering 2 FREE (within Australia) samples of the new Wellness Superio nappy for those that have not already taken advantage. These products are much improved to the standard nappy. Those that have already had free samples are excluded from this offer. Those wishing...
  3. L

    Diaper coupons/samples/sales?

    I am continually trying out new diapers, and these days it seems there are more out there than anyone could possibly use in a normal amount of time. Being that I am planning on switching from the brand I've been using for the past 3+ years and afraid of getting burned by inferior products I was...
  4. B

    How/Where to get free diaper samples?

    Hello all, as the title suggest, I'm trying to find out where to get some free diaper samples. Any link to a website that's giving away free handouts is much appreciated. Thanks. EDIT: I tried all of the links in the sticky thread but I think they are outdated.
  5. N

    Wowzers, was not expecting this!

    First, I want to say 'hey guys!' I've been lurking around here for way too long without an account. Anyway, a little back story. I live in a dorm, and, due to the nature of living in a dorm, I have been trying to keep my stash relatively small. I've been without diapers for three months now...
  6. Star579

    About samples

    Samples Has anyone actually received any diaper samples from the sites here? I've ordered some from Tena, tranquility and attends, but haven't received any yet. Tena sent a flyer (that almost got me caught) but no samples :(
  7. M

    How to get to the store?

    I will be home alone for the next few days (until friday), and thought I might take advantage of this down time, as being completely home alone is very rare for me. Anyways, my problem is how to get to the store? It is a couple miles away. I do have a license, and a car. However I have no...
  8. rschade

    Trying Samples

    Hi Folks, Do you find it awkward in trying to find the right diaper. Did you ever order a "free" sample and waited an eternity for it to arrive in the mail? I often thought "Wouldn't it be great if we can pick and choose a variety of brands and sizes in one place?" What about buying a package...
  9. dentedwheel

    Long time no wear

    I haven't posted in a very long time. My wife and I have been busy selling/buying a house. She's been really cool since telling her about my DL tendencies earlier this year. Anyway. We had to pack up the house in September and my stash is buried 8' deep in a storage unit since then. I have...
  10. Reachplayer94

    Dry 24/7 samples

    Hey guys! I was considering ordering the sample of the Dry 24/7 and was wondering how discreet the shipping was? Are the actual cases discreet? If I order them from a different site will they be discreet? Any info would help. Sorry for so many questions, Thanks!