1. zaperbaby

    New AB diaper photo shop sample

    I was just wondering if anybody would be interested in this adult baby diaper this is a example of what it would look like. I photo shopped it onto a white diaper. I know somebody at a company that could have these made I won't say which one. This is a vary early sample I came up with and is...
  2. itsacurlyone

    Dry24/7 Sample in Australia - Competition.

    Win a free sample of Dry24/7 by completing the following sentence in no more than 25 words giving the reason why you would like to see Dry24/7 in Australia and why you think you like them. " I would like Dry24/7 to be available in Australia because ..." The answer with the best content and why...
  3. couchehomo

    Depends Sample Packaging

    Heya! I'm feeling a little apprehensive about this, so I was wondering if you have any insight to share. I'm thinking about ordering one of the Depends sample packs from their website, but I'm a tad disturbed about the packaging. They do say that it's discreet on the order page, but I don't...
  4. M

    depends free sample

    I'm currently in college and am considering getting the depends free sample delivered to my dorm. I was wondering if the sample is really discreet (as in no one working in the mail room would be able to tell what it is) and if they will send any additional mail to the address afterwards like a...
  5. Drypered

    junk mail

    Today in the mail I got a card from HDIS for some Tena stuff, addressed to the fake name I used to order sample. Thing is I have never ordered anything or given my info to HDIS so I'm wondering wtf? :( this is the 2nd time i received diaper related junk mail the 1st time being in June from...
  6. Drypered

    Providers Choice sample

    In the free sample thread there is a sample here: Providers Choice ACTIVE Adult Diapers Free Sample However, I put in the form info, and then went to Step 2, then my sister walks in the room, so I closed the tab. Later I went back to the site, but putting in my form info all over again, then...