1. PaddedShooterBooty27

    Wanting Advice On Selling Some of My Old Stash

    Hello, I am needing some advice on what to do. I've lost a substantial amount of weight. and I have a mixed load of nappies left that are just simply way too big for me now. Most are loose and there are a couple of sealed bags. Most of the reason that I have these is I've simply favoured other...
  2. NorthShoreAdam

    NorthShore CYBER Sale: 15% Off ALL CRINKLZ Prints + Dotty Pony, Thru Dec 7th, 2018

    To order, see
  3. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale Extended thru Labor Day, 10% off Crinklz & Dotty @ NorthShore!

    Valid now through Monday September 3, 2018! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  4. NorthShoreAdam

    Flash Sale * Today Only * 10% Off All Crinklz & Dotty Diapers

    Today, August 31, 2018 Only!!! (No exceptions - Valid until midnight Central US time) 10% Off All Crinklz patterns/sizes and Pink Dotty Pony Diapers!! Coupon Code is REQUIRED: CRD83 Phone orders eligible as well.
  5. NorthShoreAdam

    Crinklz & BetterDry Sale at NorthShore! 2 Weeks Only

    We've just been resupplied finally with more Crinklz and BetterDry briefs and we're celebrating by offering 5% off on for two weeks only...thru April 20, 2018. COUPON CODE: CBD5 Shop for Crinklz at...
  6. Scaramouche

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Looks like it's time for this annual thread. Has anyone heard of any diaper deals the next week?
  7. N

    Great price on a case of Dry24/7

    Hey everyone - I just noticed that Amazon dropped the price on cases of Medium Dry24/7's to $100. That's the best price I've ever seen, and $15+ less than other sellers. Unfortunately, it looks like you need to be a Prime member to purchase. If you use Subscribe and Save, you can save an...
  8. P

    A unique Situation--I now own hundrds of Diapers and misc

    So about a month ago, I purchased a storage unit at an auction, Cleaned it out and got everything home, and I now own literally hundreds of Adult diaper, mostly homemade...Diaper covers...and Dresses, bonnets, burp cloths..etc Almost everything would fit about an XL, with the diapers varying...
  9. B

    Hello from a UK Newbie...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site, not a newbie to wearing nappies! I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing...
  10. D

    Bambino Memorial Day Sale Until May 30th!

    It's that time of year again! Bambino Diapers is having their yearly Memorial Day sale! It's running until May 30th, midnight PDT. Bambino Diapers Here is the breakdown of discounts I've found: Diaper Percent Discount Bellissimo 15% Classico 15% Teddy 15% Bianco 15% Tena...
  11. BayB8

    New StarWars Teddy Bears??

    If you guys haven't seen, Build a Bear is having a good deal right now on Star Wars Bears if anyone is looking for a new friend to cuddle with!!! I'm getting two. Is 2 for $40, but you have to choose SWBear, Chewy, Stormtrooper, or Darth Vader! the add is right on their site...
  12. Frogsy

    Hey PC gamers! There's a huge sale right now until the end of June!

    I have zero affiliation with the site other than downloading games there myself. I just thought you all might want to know that is running a huge summer sale. 75%-90% off. There are new "flash sale" deals every half hour so my advice is to wait until your game is on the flash deals or...
  13. D

    Diaper Cyber Monday Sales?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if there are any ABDL websites or diaper supply websites that have in years past done Cyber Monday sales. I know ABU likes to have sales, so have they done inventory wide Cyber Monday sales in the past? My hope is to get a cloth backed velcro cloth diaper and a...
  14. onikitsune

    Goodnights New Package Size

    Just got back from a Supermarket. Every pack of Goodnights was on sale! Then in the back behind the L-XL 21-pack there was L-XL in a 26-pack. I saw new package sizes in the S-M too, (it was like 16 or something.) So. Does this mean that package numbers are being upgraded?! Finally, SOMEONE is...
  15. MarchThackery

    The end of the Belted Undergarment

    So a few super markets near my house have been selling discontinued items for 50% off. Apparently lots of products are never going to exist ever again. (The rapture of inanimate objects DID happen) One of the products I've seen at both stores were the Depends Belted Undergarments. After a bit...
  16. SoggyDoggy

    Attends Deal from - Save $10.00 Per Case!

    I just received an email from Walgreen's offering $10.00 off a case of Attends through their site. Looks like a good deal with 27 products to chose from, and discreet shipping on most items. Link...
  17. bambinod

    AB Universe 20% off sale, ENDS TONIGHT

    I didn't notice they were having a sale last week, they have extended it though. Unfortunately it ends TONIGHT. (it says the sale is extended THROUGH Feb 1) It's for a whopping 20% off merchandise. (not shipping or tax) But if you're not in their state, and are buying cases, that applies to...
  18. Altric

    Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

    I love flea markets! I get so many good bargains at them when I go. I spend so little, and I come home with A LOT of stuff. And it doesn't have to be flea markets either; Yard sales, thrift stores, auctions, etc are also good to me. Today was a great day for a flea market, so I headed out...
  19. Darkfinn

    Dry 24/7 Price Reduction!

    Hey all... I was browsing the diaper sites trying to find a good deal on a case to order for LuvsGurl to use at night. I happened to check the Dry 24/7 website (Dry 24/7) for the heck of it... and they have lowered their full case prices! You can now get a full case of 72 Dry 24/7 diapers for...