1. EdwardTheDL1998

    Why is wearing diapers considered to be socially unacceptable?

    Hello, I am a nineteen-year-old boy. I, study Communication and IT at HTX in Denmark. I am pretty prosaic, I would say. But apparently, I am not. Because I wear diapers because I feel like that is something that I need to do, to feel safe, to not feel anxious. Because wearing diapers, apparently...

    AB DL safety

    the is for all who is a part of AB DL community we all need to be aware of people who are under age that want to Role play taught it may be fun you need to be sure how young is too young because things can go down hill very quick if your not caution espicaly over the internet there are people...
  3. fox2000

    What got you into diapers?

    For me it was being forced to wear diapers up until the age of 13. I wanted an alarm that would sound when I wet, but my mother didn't think it would be fair to my brother (we shared a room) so for his well being I had to wear diapers to bed. Of course I went through puberty while having them...
  4. M

    Sensory adaptation... psychology of diapers!

    Hello everyone! Today in psychology, we were discussing the nature of sensation and perception as it related to touch. My mind jumped to diapers immediately, of course. What was discussed was that essentially when a new feeling occurs, we feel it very explicitly; when we put on a shirt or pants...
  5. B

    Safe & Secure(d)

    I have always enjoyed the shorts scene & due to build wearing younger styled shorts, & regressed to timid teen boy status. There has also been a yearning to wear nappies/diapers under them for added excitement. Cut story short, made contact with someone who suggested I try Sissy treatment as she...