1. ThePenguinLover

    RearZ Safari - Opinion?

    I know that RearZ has proven that they can make some good diapers, but I'm wondering how Safari compares to others they've made, and whether I should order any?
  2. SimCo

    Rearz Safari vs Rearz Princess

    I've got a pack of rearz safari coming in and I was thinking about trying the princess as well. Is there any difference between these two diapers other than the color/art on the outside? Are they just the same diaper in different print or do they have different features?
  3. zippyboy

    Opening an Online Store - Will sell RearZ - Based in Texas

    Greetings all, I have not posted much over the years but I have been a member for quite a long time. Mostly keeping to myself and commenting here and there. My wife and I have finally decided to start an Online Store and have ordered our first wholesale purchase from RearZ. I do not know the...
  4. itsacurlyone

    Littles-downunder - Australia - Fabine, Crinklz and Rearz

    Just for information, for those that have been awaiting the arrival of Fabine diapers back to Australia, the long awaited Black nappy has now arrived, together with the Fabine Teddy diaper. The Teddy design is the original design that they started with several years ago. Both of these have a...
  5. bambinod

    Bambino now has Rearz Safari in stock, S,M,L,XL

    Just got an email from And yes, they even have size Small, for all you toothpicks here! (though at over $3/pc by the case, too rich for my blood)
  6. itsacurlyone

    Rearz and Inspire+, Crinklz and BetterDry in Australia

    Hi everyone, As the owner of I am pleased to be able to inform everyone here in Australia that Rearz Safari and the White Inspire+ are now selling from These will be followed by Crinklz and BetterDry (old Comficare) brands in mid February...
  7. itsacurlyone


    For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both and also We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can...
  8. Digit

    Ditto safari or 6IV Ditto?

    I was wondering if, by chance, anyone here had either a Ditto Safari or a 6IV Ditto they'd be willing to give away? (Or both lol). I'd love you forever and ever and ever ;~;
  9. Lutero

    Web Browser Ultimate Comparison-athon thingy!

    Alright guys and gals; kitties and pups! I've long said I will do this; but I'm going to start a poll for Web browser preferences and in a few weeks I will begin writing a blog to make comparisions of the top four browsers. During the down time; I encourage you to discuss why you like such...
  10. DA360

    What browser do you use?

    What browser do you use for your everyday browsing? I did use Google Chrome for day-to-day browsing and Firefox 3.0 for my work related sites but now with Firefox 4 coming out and me having lockup issues with Chrome, I am starting to go back to Firefox as a full-time browser. I also use an iPad...