1. I

    New to needing diapers and wondering which diapers are good for workouts (Hope this hasn't been asked before)

    Hey everybody, I was recently diagnosed with urge incontinence and was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for diapers you can workout in. I like to mainly run and some times do weights, yoga, and kick boxing. I've been using Depends real fit but wanted to see if there were any better...
  2. Premetheus

    Running and running and running and-

    I started running two years ago on and off again because my brother inspired me to. The first time I started running, I absolutely hated it, I wound up with a splitting headache. After that I didn't really want to keep running, but something in me persisted. Now I am actually excited when I get...
  3. S

    What size diaper is best for me now?

    First I am going to paste this old find, I have 4 post, so it was really easy to find this, this is from when I was 15, I am now 18. ________________________________________________________ Just curious what my size would be. Weight 165 pounds ( in strength no fat ) *Around 190+ now ( in...