1. Moo

    Proposed Rule Changes

    Overall goals: Clarity. There should be a clear dividing line between what is allowed, and what isn't. Consistency. The posted rules, and what our moderators enforce, should match. Loosening up. Our current rules were perhaps more strict (and generated more work for me / our moderators) than is...
  2. A

    Rules created by Mommy and I.

    So I thought I would share the rules mommy and I made. Hopefully this may inspire other littles. I have a very supportive mommy. Im lucky i guess. We took some prexisting and changed them and also made dome of out own. Let us know what you think. Rules for my little: *Diapers are to be worn...
  3. BabyAshie

    Rules that daddy can have for me?

    Herro, I'm new to the site and I was wondering if anyone had any rule examples that my daddy (boyfriend) can have for me when I am in my little state... he is we're doing it online right now but sooner or later we're gonna move in together and it's hard comming up with rules... these are a few...
  4. WearingClouds

    6. Respect The Law, Respect Yourself

    [Removed] I don't see [inducing incontinence by wearing 24/7] as promoting self harm however. I'm sure this has been talked about many times on here, but here are my thoughts. I am not IC but would like to be. I feel an emotional need to accomplish this as do many other people; some of whom...
  5. SteLittle

    Ground Rules With Momma

    Hi I'm new to the site and kinda new to the ab scene. So looking for some advice . My wife has been playing my mom for a little bit but we want to set down rules so we can make this more fun and fulfilling for both of us. Th first couple of rules we came up with was that we would use a word or...
  6. BabyMitchy

    I've got a mommy! (Our Guidelines)

    I thought this was interesting since after 6 years of marriage and being depressed off and on my wife has finally come around to being my mommy. The journey has been a long and interesting one and I am starting to write a book about it to help others deal with how hard it can be. We decided to...
  7. Vexxus

    Finished The Fifteen Commandments of Storywriting

    The Fifteen Commandments of Storywriting By Vexxus, in coorporation with LeonSoryu117 An extension of the instructions by Moo 1. The chance of an outsider knowing about *B/DL or infantillism is less than 1%. 2A. Because of Rule #1, parents will not know where to buy adult-sized baby articles...
  8. turtleie

    This is for all the newbies!

    Okay, I'm not sure this is quite the right place for this thread, but I figured this is where it would be most viewed, and I couldn't find a more fitting place to put it. if it is out of place, please move it to an appropriate spot. Thanks. Lately it seems that ADISC is being overrun with...
  9. kevintje

    Suggestion New rule: do not post your e-mail adress on the forums, profiles and other 'public' places?

    I recently came upon a profile that has at least 2 e-mail addresses in the visitor messages and I was wondering if this shouldn't be forbidden by the rules. the reason I think it should be forbidden is that search engines can pick it up, even when the people posting don't realize it. I don't...
  10. Elizabeth


    It might be a good idea to make the rules actually viewable to people who aren't registered... You strongly advise that applying people read them before joining, but they can't do so until after they've registered, which seems rather silly.