rubber pants

  1. P

    Plastic Pants vs Rubber Pants

    For years I have worn plastic pants over my pull-ups in daytime and disposable diapers at night to prevent leaks and embarrassment. For the most part that has been very successful, especially with the higher quality products. However, from time to time they have not held the diaper as snuggly as...
  2. slimjiminy

    Rubber pants with cloth-backed disposables?

    I've never worn rubber pants, that I know of. Even as a baby, my mother used plastic pants on us (not that I remember). At some point, I need to start wearing briefs more often when I go out away from home. I'm not that fond of plastic backed briefs for reasons of noise and tape noise during...
  3. Andrewgdfw

    Quality plastics and rubbers

    not there
  4. mypet

    Greetings from Ontario Ca.

    Beginning very fortunate to be in love with a enchanting and thrilling Lady,which i call My Lady. She loves control and good behaviour and i enjoy beginning controlled. We live in a small town, out in cottage country. Have been interested in rubber pants and diapers since i can remember...
  5. H

    new member from germany

    Hi diaperfans, this is my first membership in a diaper community. I am fascinated by diapers and plastic pants since childhood. I remember watching the diaper change of my neighbours baby as often as possible. I was 5 at the time and member of a catholic kindergarden. I was very proud to help...
  6. J

    I was put into diapers! Where else would I come?

    There are obviously many sides to define but I'll stick with the adult baby for now and start when it started. I was six when dad left us and while my bed wetting began then I've never been sure that was the cause or simply coincidence. In either case that was when the diapers started. This...
  7. C

    Description of what plastic pants are for.

    This is for all of you that have asked what plastic or rubber pants are for. They are used over diapers for added protection against leakes. You put the diaper on normally, and put the plastic pants up over them. Once you have them on, if you leak they will trap the wetness in between the diaper...