1. kashi

    Seeking a possible roommate

    I hope this is an alright place to post this. I'm posting here partially because it is heavily related to diapers and also because diaper talk gets the most traffic. If it's an issue please let me know. Anyways I'm moving out of my apartment come the fifteenth. Costs have gotten too high and I...
  2. L

    Engoloids Medical Shipping Question

    So I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered any First Quality diapers through Engoloids Medical. I just bought a pack from them, but I'm starting to get nervous as I live with roommates and I can't seem to find anywhere on their site or elsewhere whether or not their shipping is discreet. Does...
  3. S

    Roommate life

    Morning, I live with a roommate ( good friends ) and will soon be having a second roommate due to his financial hardships (bestfriend of 17 years). Heres my thoughts now... My bestfriend knows I like diapers and wearing and such, its come up awkwardly many times... I have a hard time even...
  4. M


    Let me just start by saying that this is not an advertisement but rather just wishful thinking. I've had roommates in the past but they were not privy to my diaper loving ways, so I ended up getting my own place after a year there. Now my current lease is almost up and I've considered moving...