1. M

    Houston roommate?

    Anyone in Houston looking for a roommate? I grew up mostly in Atascocita/Huffman. Long story short, parents divorced two years ago. My dad's house sold yesterday- and I'm worried he might get some kind of lawyer to screw my mother out of the money she got from their separation. (It's probably a...
  2. kashi

    Seeking a possible roommate

    I hope this is an alright place to post this. I'm posting here partially because it is heavily related to diapers and also because diaper talk gets the most traffic. If it's an issue please let me know. Anyways I'm moving out of my apartment come the fifteenth. Costs have gotten too high and I...
  3. inotternews

    Annoyed with roommate

    I have a roommate who I realize I'm slowly starting to resent. For the most part, we don't have any of the usual problems like people not doing their dishes, not paying rent, ect. We keep our apt fairly clean. I don't have a problem with my other roommate at all. We've lived together before and...
  4. D

    Moving to Seattle

    Hey all! I'll be moving home to Washington at some point this year and just wanted to start the process of looking for a place to live/possible roommates. I'm looking in the Seattle area (preferably near SeaTac, Seattle/Capitol Hill, or Bellevue) since I will be working at the airport. I'm...
  5. S

    Sudden Bedwetting problem!

    I am a 20yo college student. I have been taking medication(gabapentin for my anxiety and possible ptsd) for almost 4 weeks now and the last 8 days I have woken up wet three times. I have an appointment with the doctor on Friday but I'm not sure if its due to the meds or just worsening...
  6. C

    College tips? wearing in college?

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips for wearing at college? Like how to keep it a secret from your roommate, wear to hide them, what kind to wear? Anything else you can think of would help!!!
  7. C

    First step to ABDL Freedom!

    So yesterday I got a call from a friend of mine and she told me that her and her best friend wanted to move out into their own place and they were able to get a 3 bedroom apartment but needed another roommate to make rent cheaper and she thought of me since I have been dying to move out due to...
  8. ScubaSteve

    WOoo I'm back and with an anecdote!

    So it has been awhile. I did come on off and on over the past two years but I mainly just posted random tidbits in the gaming section. But now I want to get more active in posting again. I do want to tell y'all something interesting. So I live in a apartment with 4 other guys. Technically 3...