1. C

    Coming out and wearing 24/7

    So recently i've felt trapped because i'm unable to wear in my apartment without worrying about my roomate, i'm trying to decide if i should tell him (my brother/roomate) that i like to wear diapers and move towards wearing 24/7. i know i can get away with it at work but how would i tell my...
  2. ORBaby

    New Housemate

    Let's start with background. There is a young woman that I've known for almost 4 years that I help out on a pretty regular basis. BTW she is younger than my daughters. A year ago she was going to move out of state to live with a friend, but that fell apart at the last minute, her stuff was...
  3. T

    Worried about urine smell in the morning & telling friend I wet the bed

    Hey everyone, My name's Paige and I'm 28 years old. I'm looking for some advice on how to tell my friend I wet the bed, and how to prevent our room from smelling of urine the next morning since we well be sharing a room in a hostile in Italy for five days. She has no clue that I wet the bed...
  4. M

    My first pack of bambinos! (Also quick question)

    Just bought my first pack of bambinos! I'm super stoked about this because all I have ever used are depends. I am a little nervous how discreet the shipping will be, but from what I've read no on has had any problems with bambino's discreet shipping. My quick question is: what can I use to...
  5. D

    Really Tired, Diaper or no Diaper

    So yesterday was the first day of lacrosse and I just finished my second practice about an hour ago. So I am really physically exhausted. My question is when you are really exhausted do you like to wear a diaper or do you just find it as to much of s hassle. Unfortunately for me I do not have...