1. Ian16545

    If you could have your own playroom...

    As an aspiring little, I've got these recurring dreams of there being an extra room or two around the house—mostly in the basement. Which, when combined with any various other little-related dreams I've had (e.g. diapers, toys, childhood TV shows), got me to thinking: If you could have any kind...
  2. D

    Nappy Changing Rooms

    Probably going to get a load of hate for this but is it wrong to take nappies that are provided free of charge out of a nappy changing room to use later?
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    Babyfur parties? How are they like?

    So.. I know they exist, but I'm curious, how are they like? anyone here has attended one? are they good or are they creepy? funny stories and such would also be appreciated :3
  4. paciboy

    personal baby rooms / nurseries

    hi everyone! I was recently thinking about how my AB side will change once i get my own apartment. There is no doubt i will be showing my baby side more often when i dont hav to worry about other people in the house. I started to think about if i will have a room dedicated to my infantilism...