1. SimCo

    Romper that ships in the US

    I am looking for a good diaper cover/plastic pants/romper to buy and I need suggestions. I really like the look of the attached romper but I have had trouble getting Adult Baby Shop to ship to the US. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I could get something similar? I am looking for...
  2. BabyKai

    Which footed onesie/sleeper/jammies should I buy?

    I've got enough money to buy another footed onesie and some baby toys etc. But, I can't choose which one to buy. I need some help from you fashionable babies out there, haha. Number 1 -...
  3. M

    AliExpress Romper?

    I was browsing around for PJ's, and ending up finding these. Just wondering if these would be any good, as they're only $18.
  4. Tuples

    Bad experience with Cosy and Dry?

    Anyways I just bought a romper from cosyndry and I quite disappointed with the quality of the product. For 80$ CAD I would have expected the workmanship to be far higher. After only one week of use one of the snaps has already broken. Furthermore, the inside of the romper is not soft cloth, as...
  5. Diapered Rabbit

    Angered by greed of sellers, makers and suppliers of AB Speciality Clothing and accessories

    Personally, I refuse to pay the excessive prices that speciality AB clothing and accessories go for on the internet. These excessive, inflated prices, I feel, are largely due to the supply and demand created by AB/TB consumers and certainly by the opportunistic greed of sellers, makers and...
  6. ShyBaby

    'Funzee' Rompers, anyone?

    Stumbled across this place while doing some random Googling (I have added it to the links section): Funzee romper suits The relatively keen price outweighed the lack of useful sizing information and limited product description and it's nice to see something new from the UK so I thought I'd...