1. S

    Accepting your kink and sharing with romantic partners

    I, like many who were dealt this peculiar hand of cards, had extended periods of struggling with my desires in the past. More recently I have gained some experience and insight that I think can help guide others when presenting their kink to a romantic partner. I believe that trying to find an...
  2. LazyDreamer

    Finished Loved As We Are

    Hey everyone! This is my first story! It's a non-sexual story about a guy whose girlfriend finds his ABDL stash. This isn't a diaper story as much as a coming out story. Let me know how you liked it! ~~~~ The knock on my front door jumpstarts my heart. When I open the door, Rachel pops through...
  3. dogboy

    Finished Long Walks on the Beach

    I wrote part of this story several years ago as a silly response to an Introduction thread from a new member. It ended differently, the protagonist being bit by a vampire. This Saturday is Valentine's Day, and I'm part of the entertainment to our church Valentine's Day dinner. I'm having a...
  4. Frogsy

    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    Thanks for your support and help in writing my first shared story. I've made some changes to help with the early pacing (my personal biggest gripe) and added some further character development. Hopefully this will address some of the constructive criticism I have received on the early chapters...