1. C

    AB/DL Tabletop RPG?

    Hi all! I was playing the game "Diaper Quest" and thought it would be neat if there was something similar but with good old fashioned pen and paper! As a general TTRPG enthusiast, I've been thinking about making one and how one would work if built from the ground up (e.g. not just a reskin for...
  2. Darklight

    'Ello! Just your average Diapered Eevee here.

    Hello there, I'm just here giving an average introduction of my fluff butt self cause y'know, why not. First off, I'm Darklight the Eevee, a Diaper/Babyfur who pretty much does RP for most of his free time. I do work, but even so I still try to get back to reply to my RPs. I am super detailed in...
  3. kazykisu

    so does anyone roleplay?

    Sooooooo i LOVE roleplaying. all kinds of them. Babyfur, adult stuff, magic, adventure. I only have one person that i really like to roleplay with though and he's been busier and busier lately so we haven't had time. I've often thought that i needed more people who actually care about it. I'm...
  4. C

    Konichiwa from a cure little tigeress

    Hello everyone I am Kiara. I hope you are all okay .I only joined last night when i saw the site had so much varied stuff on all diaper fetishes fandoms and sub cultures. I myself am a dl . But also a little fur and would like to triy being an lg but don't have the confidence. Id love to...
  5. MilesTheFox88

    Any particular cream for prolonged messy wearing?

    Hello. I don't post here often. I have a friend visiting from out-of-state in a few months, and he's a very submissive person who's interested in ageplay. We began discussing the various ways we could play. He got the most excited (almost jumped through the screen I think) when I told him...
  6. PetPuppyAlex

    Dog food?

    When I'm in a furry mood, my girlfriend said she wants to feed me only dog food now. So I've been doing some Googlin', because I'm looking for tasty dog food that's tolerable to humans. Any suggestions? Anyone who eats dog food while in fur mode? Price doesn't matter too much. Just that I can...