1. P

    How to be a better daddy

    Hi everyone! So I just told my hubby about my little / ABDL side and he is totally supportive and wants to learn more. Pleeease give him any advice you can. Here’s a message from him:::: Hello all, I would like to learn how to become a Daddy, and learn more about this lifestyle and/or fantasy...
  2. B


    Hi. My name is Bella Grace! I am a sissy who love the feeling of a nice diaper on her bum! [Removed]
  3. glassyeyedbb

    Anyone else find that...?

    Anyone else find that when you wear diapers outside of RP or in public your mood changes? I know that i'm usually an unconcentrated, loud mouthed and hyper and social person normally. But with a diaper on i am more quiet, antisocial and even focused, though not on purpose. I feel almost as if...