role play

  1. Angellothefox

    Is they any diaper role play on ADISC?

    I was just wondering if they was such a thing on these forms? Because that would be :thumbsup: If anyone finds them please point me in the right direction along with the rules of the diaper role play thankyou!
  2. Mei

    ABDL Homestuck Chat RP room on MSPARP

    Hey everyone, I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct forum thread. There's a Homestuck chat room on MSPARP made especially for diapering and role playing our favourite Homestuck characters (I've been sharing it around on other ABDL sites too). For anyone interested, the link is...
  3. Paddedwolf

    I have a mommy fur

    So I commissioned a local furry artist in my city and when I met up with her to pay for the commission she ended up being really nice and friendly. During the conversation she asked me if I was a babyfur since the references I gave her were of baby Wrangell. I said yes and she said that it was...
  4. ozbub

    What's real and what's not?

    I've given considerable thought lately to my identity, and the way I present myself to the world. Now while I wouldn't describe myself as a fake, my life has been a careful construct of personas, each designed to meet the expectations of others and to carefully conceal my most precious...
  5. P

    Rejected submission?!? lolwut

    So I came across a funny little thing not too long ago. I was signing up for an RP community and I decided, 'what if I just wrote about myself and made /me/ my character?' So i wrote out my story, wrote my name in there -- my real name -- and filled everything out as myself. My submission was...
  6. Littleabgirl

    Losing my daddy?

    Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been on in a while, as some of you will know I moved in with my Daddy (Eeyore) a few months ago and so most of my time has been dedicated to moving, settling in and now cleaning (lots of lots of cleaning!). Because of this baby-time has really been lacking. The...
  7. FievelandTonyAB93

    In regards to role playing as a baby/toddler

    I like to ask you an interesting question that I think we ABs like to share. If any of you like to role play as a baby/toddler before having to go to work or something, how long do you enjoy role playing a day? For those who have never role played like I haven't, how long would you want to enjoy...
  8. F

    I guess I'm a babyfur now

    I was on Furnet tonight and had a babyfur RP, it was kinda fun, actually :P I guess that means I'm now a babyfur and not just a diaperfur... New fursona: 3-year old fox kit named Sky
  9. B

    Hello one & all

    I'm a new boy to this so please be patient with me. I'm not as big a boy as my name implies. Luv being the little boy yearning to be a big boy in a decade or two. Hobbies include walking, camping, skiing as with the first two in shorts weather permitting. I'm fun loving & looking to make new...