1. OpheliaScarlett

    Talking about music \m/

    I'v recently seen some topic about music ^-^ and it gave me an idea =).It may be a little bit off topic for this website but hey whatever, here is a pretty list ( not long enough, I have a lot more to add xD ) of cool rock/metal/blues/soul/jazz/... bands and artists : (be aware of the reading...
  2. CalebFox

    Favorite Bands/groups?

    Well I am a huge music appreciator... I love the punk rock genre, and every type of metal, and I really enjoy some good goth music. Not that much into pop, and can only listen to one country song... Other than that I love every other genre! Here are my top 5 favorite bands ranking in order 1...
  3. T

    favorite rock band

    What is your favorite rock band or rockstar. Mine... Marilyn Manson
  4. YoungNastyman

    The Beatles: Rock Band

    I can't wait for this game!!! I'm made this thread to spread the word and build excitement for this, as the Harmonix fanboy that I am :D Who else is excited for this? The game will be released internationally on 9 September 2009, coinciding with the release of new, remastered CD versions of...