road trip

  1. DLinSecret

    Diaper Changing During Road Trip

    So I just completed a 12 hour road trip. 3/4 of the way I needed to change. Stopped at a Loves’s travel stop to change. Choose not to bring my diaper bag until I checked out the situation. Bathroom stalls were disgusting. All were full except one. To anyone who was in the bathroom clearly...
  2. Northwoodsnerd

    Diaper Road Trip

    Well, for the first time in years I'm in a diaper as a write this. A family road trip fell through, but the hotels were non refundable so I decided to go anyway. The opportunity was to good to pass up and I bought some Goodnites and baby wipes and here I am. Laying in a hotel bed in a soaked...
  3. D

    Finished A Single Step Backwards

    Quick edit: before I forget, I have to introduce this story a bit. Ahem... I've written a few stories before. I've posted some of them anonymously or under pseudonyms. I generally got good feedback on how to improve, and not a lot about what worked well. Suffice to say, they weren't very...
  4. C

    Might finally be wearing diapers again

    I'm going to be going on a roadtrip on the 21st (was originally scheduled for 13th but something came up) and I was thinking of buying some diapers before I go...ill be gone for a few months on vacation which gives me the perfect oppurtunity to wear you may know from my previous...
  5. Hyperlitegreen

    I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    Everytime I go on a road trip such as going from Dallas to Houston, I always pullout my iphone and key in "medical supply" or "pharmacy". In the middle of nowwhere, google maps always identifies a small town pharmacy or medical supply near the surrounding small towns. I actually take the time...
  6. Jeremiah

    Just about time for me to go.

    It is almost time for me to leave this sight for a while. I have almost two weeks off from work and will be traveling to North Carolina and Tennessee. During this time, I will be without internets.:damnpc: You all will be missed during this time.:sad: My plan is a road trip to visit the Smoky...