road trip

  1. Northwoodsnerd

    Diaper Road Trip

    Well, for the first time in years I'm in a diaper as a write this. A family road trip fell through, but the hotels were non refundable so I decided to go anyway. The opportunity was to good to pass up and I bought some Goodnites and baby wipes and here I am. Laying in a hotel bed in a soaked...
  2. D

    Finished A Single Step Backwards

    Quick edit: before I forget, I have to introduce this story a bit. Ahem... I've written a few stories before. I've posted some of them anonymously or under pseudonyms. I generally got good feedback on how to improve, and not a lot about what worked well. Suffice to say, they weren't very...
  3. C

    Might finally be wearing diapers again

    I'm going to be going on a roadtrip on the 21st (was originally scheduled for 13th but something came up) and I was thinking of buying some diapers before I go...ill be gone for a few months on vacation which gives me the perfect oppurtunity to wear you may know from my previous...
  4. Hyperlitegreen

    I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    Everytime I go on a road trip such as going from Dallas to Houston, I always pullout my iphone and key in "medical supply" or "pharmacy". In the middle of nowwhere, google maps always identifies a small town pharmacy or medical supply near the surrounding small towns. I actually take the time...
  5. Jeremiah

    Just about time for me to go.

    It is almost time for me to leave this sight for a while. I have almost two weeks off from work and will be traveling to North Carolina and Tennessee. During this time, I will be without internets.:damnpc: You all will be missed during this time.:sad: My plan is a road trip to visit the Smoky...