1. G

    Depends briefs at Rite Aid?

    Anybody know if they still sell the Depends with tabs at Rite Aid? I know over the last few years, many large chain pharmacies have quit selling them in store.
  2. coreybb

    Rite aid brand tugaboo

    I am wondering how tugaboo diapers compare to any of the other brands, as i am small i can still fit into size 6 of any baby diaper so i was wondering about absorbancy and stuff...
  3. Pramrider

    What To Do, What To Do....

    My wife and daughter are going to visit her folks for a week in southern VA starting this Sunday. That leaves me opportunities to do some regression I normally can't do. My son will still be here and is between jobs right now, but he likes to sleep in until late morning. I only get this chance...