1. J

    Drawing Request! Any artists here?

    Hello! I didn't see another place for an art request thread, so I figured it belonged here. I love art, BUT I can't draw. Especially people. They look like macaroni and cheese noodles. However, I have so many cute ideas for drawings that I'd really like to see! I'm wondering if there's any...
  2. Nieve

    Taking requests for animations in illustrator style :3

    Ok guys, it's time to take my requests to the next level. As I said in my last post, my objective was to practice my Illustrator skills but that was for the sole purpose of animating. Now, I offer you something different; sure, you get your fursona done in Illustrator style, but also I'll make...
  3. Nieve

    Taking drawing requests in illustrator style x3

    Hullo everyone, I'm practicing drawing with illustrator, so I can animate them later and stuff =P, and I'd like to take requests of your fursonas ^^ so if anyone is willing to help with inspiration for my drawings and get your fursona made in this particular style =) please post your fursona...
  4. betagame

    Play Sub-forum in diaper talk??

    the play forum is for people who RP or masturbate, aerobic evercises, and the shower thang, laugh and pee, put a hose in the back[not in your ass, mind you!] of the diaper for instant wetting,