1. Carboi

    Looking for AB/DL Artists

    I have a few scenes I can't get out of my head so I'm interested in commissioning some art. I have seen many, many artists over the years who do amazing work, so many that most of the names have slipped my mind. Can anyone recommend some good (read: talented/skilled) artists, regardless of if...
  2. Paddedkokiri

    Looking for an Abdl comic

    Years ago on diaperedanime, I found a comic that was based around a girl who's little sister pulled a prank on her. With and doing so exposed her diaper wearing secrets to her boyfriend. Only in the end did she learn that he liked diapers too, so they both became closer and intimate together...
  3. Sitherus

    Drawing request for profile picture

    I was thinking recently that My profile picture is kind of bland. Now I don't consider my self an expert but i like to draw. Im gonna draw my profile picture but why stop there. If anyone else wants to have their picture drawn by me just let me know ill see what i can do. I will do it for free...
  4. D

    pictures of the new Cuddlz all-over print?

    Hi! I was thinking about purchasing the new all-over printed cuddlz. I hear they have now 2 tapes on each side instead of 1, so can anyone hear post to this thread some pictures of those who have them, including the tapes? Thanks!
  5. D

    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Hey ADISC, its been a while since I've posted here, my diaper binging and purging has been in a purge for quite some time, largely due to finding a significant other. Her and I have been friends for years and finally got around to making an item of ourselves. Well, long story short, after about...
  6. SillySwampert

    Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I have decided to put my drawing skills to some use. Recently, I've gotten back into a Pokemon mood and have even drawn not only my favourite Pokemon Swampert in diapers but also a Snivy in diapers for another member on the site. Seeing how...
  7. Fenrierlilfolf

    Baby pattern wallpapers!

    So, I'm searching around for images of cute and childish patterns, to make baby bedroom themed wallpapers :D but I haven't had any luck finding cool ones :/ would some of you be kind and share some with me, if you have any? :3 thanks in advance, if this works out I'll post the wallpapers back...
  8. TaviMunk

    Lucky 7 Request

    Hihi all, well I've been thinking about doing this here to kick off my favorite month, March. It's green time ^^ So what I have goin' on is a Lucky 7 Request. The title says it all. I will draw 7 individuals, separately, that's St. Patrick's Day themed in some fashion. Like the pic below...
  9. D

    Art Request

    Recently, i was think of starting a new web page. I have some experience, so I thought i'd try it out and see how it looked. However, when i started to gather the materials for it, i realized i didn't have a picture for the banner. I personally am a horrible artist, and since i doubt most...
  10. Sage182

    Taking Art Request!

    I'm trying to expand on my skills as an anime artist, also an AB artist. Please give me request to draw! I want to see what I can accomplish but there's a few guidelines 1:Nothing and I mean NOTHING Hardcore I'll go as much as softcore, i.e. Small covershirt and undergarment. No Sexual stuff...