1. WearingClouds

    Feedback Requested Quick Question

    If I suggest a product that I think can benefit a large number of people, would you consider that spamming or advertising. I want to know because if people on this site don't like suggestions on things they are probably going to use often and like, I will refrain from suggesting anything. I...
  2. tiny

    Suggestion Reputation: require verification before issuing to prevent disheartening revocations?

    Once again, I was delighted to see that someone had given me +1 reputation for my creative efforts in a recent post. I know it's a silly system that doesn't mean anything to regular users (although it's great for encouraging newbies, I think). Anyway, I've just logged in again and the...
  3. Coyote_Howl

    Why spelling is important

    Okay, I'll admit this is a bit of a rant, but hoping it can be a productive one at that. With the prevalence of tablets, smart phones, and so on, it seems that people have gotten lazier and lazier in using at least somewhat proper English and spelling. Quite frankly it gets really annoying...
  4. tiny

    Bug Report Get "you need to level up" msg via quote notification

    Hi all! I got quoted by HogansHeroes in a thread a few minutes ago, but when I click on the links (either HTTP or SSL), I get re-directed to a page that tells me I need to "level up"... but I'm a Top Contributor so I should be able to access most things... and certainly a thread in which I'm...
  5. Goodnites11

    Bug Report Can't clear reputation notification (round 2)

    I know this was posted a week ago by someone else, but I'm having the same issue where I can't clear a reputation notification. Nor can I see what the comment is or which post it's from...
  6. redtails

    Reputation in profiles

    ADISC could be a bit better if someone's reputation points were displayed in, say, their statistics tab People will probably try to dismiss this suggestion for "it will make people judge each other more often". I can understand that, but that's something the admins had to consider when they...
  7. Vladimir

    Why we should allow users to view given reputation on individual posts.

    I believe that the removal of the viewable received reputation on other people's posts is an unwanted, unnecessary, and unacceptable decision. People all have different opinions are various topics; people give reputation for all sorts of reasons that may be valid according to the rules, but...
  8. Takashi

    VIP Requirement Math

    I am having trouble with the VIP Requirement equation and was wondering if someone could help me. I have Green-30 Red-5 Gray-3 If someone could help me figure out my rep ratio and please tell me how many more green rep I need to be a VIP that would be very much appreciated. If anyone is...
  9. Serendiapity

    Glitch in Reputation: 10+

    The rep count can still be seen in the Members List.
  10. betagame

    Rep/reporting in the wiki?

    I wonder if this will be implemented, because people have excellent wiki articles and no rep is given to them, I think i deserve rep for my Ordering Online article. Also I would like reporting for vandalism and other serious issues. I think it would be as great idea.
  11. betagame

    giving modded users the ability to give positive and neg rep

    when i give someone pos rep or neg its neutral. :dunno:
  12. betagame

    reputation comment problem

    i been seeing when i get a rep comment it displays twice fixit