1. Maia

    Brain dump

    Hello gentlepeople, I thought I’d write down a couple of things that I figured out over time trying to manage the flooding waterworks. Most is related to plastic pants and cloth diapers. I’ve always been fully urinary incontinent because of a congenital issue, and have never found anything...
  2. KittyninjaW

    My computer is getting repared, so I won't be on this weekend.

    Hello everyone, My computer is getting repaired because of the way it processes the internet/wifi, so I won't be on as much this weekend due to it. I will be back on Monday so I will tell you how that is going, and I will be on today so again I will tell you if it is fixed by then. I will miss...
  3. itslittled

    Auto repair !

    Hey, I wanted to create a thread for people who like or do their own car repairs or maintenance. Recently I got really interested in car repairs, nothing too fancy but just the basic stuff, I've learned a lot from some great youtube channels and forums to do my own repairs. Have you worked on...