1. Poofybutt

    When You're Tired

    So, I pulled an all nighter yesterday and suffice it to say, when I got home at around noon, I was pooched. All the way home, I felt groggy and little, like I couldn't wait to be diapered and in AB-zone. As soon as I entered the door, my AB side struck. I collapsed on my bed and just sucked...
  2. Jeepy

    Drinking a bottle

    Lately I've noticed I've been drinking my bottle almost every night even if I'm not wearing and I find it relaxing after working all day/night. Does anyone else find themselves doing this?
  3. Shadowhawk

    How do you guys (or girls) relax?

    I think there is probable already a thread for this, but who cares. How do you guys (or girls) relax? I relax by writing, wearing a diaper, and blasting some music. My parents have no idea how listing to Disturbed calms me down lol.