1. PetPuppyAlex

    Hey, look! Me again!

    REINTRODUCING AlexAwesome aka HuskyAllie aka PetPuppyAlex aka Lightning Lips aka The Master of Minestrone aka the Prince of Pizza aka the Long Forgotten Missing Link aka The Phantom Menace aka Casper the Diapered Ghost (because I stay ghosting on these forums) aka That Dude in the flesh.... back...
  2. lilkayden

    Another reintroduction!

    Hi all! I just felt the need for a reintroduction since I've finally changed my name! ^.^ My new name is lilkayden formally known as lilaznboy ^.^ I've been a member on Adisc for a little under 5 years now, and I was a lurker for maybe a year before I joined Adisc. I decided to change my name...
  3. FievelandTonyAB93

    Old friend here to reintroduce himself

    I've had been very inactive over the past year or so because of personal and school-related issues, plus the fact that I didn't really have the money or time to get involved in the AB/DL community here. I wish I posted this sooner because I happen to just get myself involved in this community...
  4. Descolada

    Oh No... This Guy Again?!

    Heya folks, it's me, Desco! For those of you with whom I'm unfamiliar, aloha! I've never been all that great with writing bios/intros, but if you have an inclination to get to know me better, feel free to drop me a line sometime! Those of you who remember me may have noticed I haven't been...
  5. Rawrzipan

    I'm Back!

    I's been gone fow soooo wong, I fink I should weintwoduce mysewf. I's Kwystaw. I came out as twans wast yeaw and I stawted Estwogen on Vawentine's Day! I's a wioness cubby! I's just *holds up two fingers* is many yeaws owd!
  6. Indianajones

    Re-Introduction to a Goon

    (Re) Greetings human beings! Name: Indianajones Species: Human Being/a guy Occupation: Secretly likes nappies, but would listen to music until I die Favorite Nappy: One that fits, and is comfy. Pampers 6s do fit a 30", but it's intensely uncomfortable for me for some reason. Would get Cuddlz...
  7. aussiebuoy

    Re-Introduction... It's been a while!

    Hello people of the adisc forums!!!! Well i finally made it here at last, taken me 18 years LOL Im not too sure where i fit in with all these titles like AB and DL and babyfur??? Hopefully i fill find out after a little while and get to know all of you, you seem like such interesting people...
  8. PetPuppyAlex

    Introducing the NEW AlexAwesome

    I guess I'm staying for a bit. I can't figure out how to delete my account anyway. Plus, I been here for two years. No point deleting my account. False alarmmm Im stayingg!
  9. Talula

    Talula's 2 year Reintroduction/Coming Out Thread

    Alrighty, I will have joined this site exactly two years ago to the day on the 13th of August, and thought that I might as well make a reintroduction, as seems to be the fashion these days. Since I joined I’ve changed a lot, and I’m going to try and explain why. As you may well have seen, I...