1. pumpkin

    Big Wave to everyone from S. Wales ABY

    Hello, I'm a 50 y/o AB male living in South Wales looking to make friends and share AB experiences with others. I enjoy wearing nappies/pull-ups and regression play as a 'little' boy who sometimes dressed up as a girl by mistake :o) & who's nearly there - but not quite - with potty training...
  2. G

    What is your favorite thing that your caregiver does for/with you?

    What are your favorite things that your caregiver does with/for you? And what do they do/say that makes you feel the most little?
  3. tai

    my life Neverland

    This story was originally entered in a contest at my school as a short story. while i did get in the schools newspaper I did'nt win because i wrote it under a penname instead of usin my acual name. i decided to turn it into a story and completer it but forgot about's been in my school bag...
  4. L

    My story

    Hello, I'm new and just wanted to share my story about how this all started. I have been into wetting myself from a young age, and did it on purpose as much as I could. Then eventually I had to grow up but still enjoyed the occasional sneaky pants wetting. Then when I was around 8 I had gone to...