1. D

    Finished Teeny Tiny Twilight

    Under other circumstances, Twilight Sparkle would have reflected on which parts of the anti-wrinkling re-vitalizing de-aging spell needed a few tweaks or adjustments. For example, the injection of an additional ten Mega Starswirls*into the normal magic dose in order to increase longevity was...
  2. Littleabgirl

    If regression was possible...?

    (Sorry if this has been done before :sweatdrop: ) So, as the title states; If regression was possible, would you do it? So, would you either be, Physically regressed into a baby/toddler's body and have the mental capacity of a baby/toddler or, Physically regressed into the body of a...
  3. NikonFilmPhotog

    What makes you most regressed?

    While I haven't fully figured out what makes me fully regressed yet I used to think that it was messing that would be fully regressing for me. After having some experience with messing I don't think that it fully regresses me. I like to wear a onesie and use a pacifier while sleeping with my...