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    Looking for the poofiest, crinkliest, softest nappy

    Hey everyone! I've been a dl / ab for a long time, but the only nappies I ever bought were the easiest-to-acquire retail ones. Needless to say I haven't been spoiled in that regard. But that's going to come to an end! I want to order some online, and I'd love to hear some recommendations...
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    Silent, thick, and absorbent: Diapers for my GF to wear in public

    Hey ADISC, its been a while since I've posted here, my diaper binging and purging has been in a purge for quite some time, largely due to finding a significant other. Her and I have been friends for years and finally got around to making an item of ourselves. Well, long story short, after about...
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    What is one brand that you would NEVER recommend?

    Now I haven't had that much experience with too many brands of diapers, so I don't really have one that I wouldn't recommend...But what brand would you never recommend...Let's try to limit it to just one brand per person, that is unless you end up testing out a worse brand than the one you said...