1. Forced

    UK cloth wearers

    I’m hoping to get some recommendations for cloth nappies available in the UK. (Overseas deliveries will take too long) I have a couple of prefolds nappies but would like some cloth nappies that are already folded/shaped and just need to have pins/nippas to secure the front. (Sorry, I don’t...
  2. G

    Crinkliest Diaper and Reccomendations

    What do you guys think the crinkliest diapers are? Would you be able to give me recommendations on what to buy here in the UK? I've only tried goodnites, bambino classicos and the American CVS brand diapers. Oddly enough, I think the goodnites are the crinkliest ones I've tried. Diapers that...
  3. flash890

    Recomendations for diapers with landing zones?

    I'm looking recommendations for diapers with landing zones I could buy off of Amazon with Prime shipping. I'm currently still learning how tape up a diaper on myself properly so even with second chance tapes I don't get a proper fit. I don't get to wear diapers as often as I like so those with...
  4. D

    Interest inconsistency/Looking for a discrete diaper

    Hey everyone, I haven't really been on for a while(not as if I was ever really involved with the community or anything) but I might be back again lurking like I was before for a little bit and I also might get back to the story I was writing because people seemed to like it. I haven't been on...