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  1. 3

    Depends Real fit vs Tena Men's Underwear

    Just wondering which is a better ( and more adsorbent) product, Depends real fit or Tena Underwear for men. Both products are designed to appear more like traditional underwear but if any one has tried them both which is the better product?
  2. E

    Walgreens New Certanty Diapers

    Today I was looking for the New Depends Shields I went to my local walgreens and low and behold They have a (generic Depend Shilouette) that comes in a cardbord box just like the realfits and Shilouettes I only saw for women has anybody seen these I am going to go back and take some pictures.
  3. Slycamer

    depend real fit (men) - reviewed

    okay i see the other threads are closed. i barely saw a commercial the other day so i decided fuck it and tried them while i had the money sale 0-10 discreetness: 10 they look like real underwear sound: 0 - didn't hear a thing except when unfolding it. comfyness: well... the material is super...