1. DustMite

    I'm back.

    Hey. I'm Blue. Sometimes people call me Green Beans. I've been here for years. I left twice, but I'm back. I figured I'd give it another try. I (still) have a hard time accepting myself as AB/DL. But I want to, I want to so bad. I want to make little friends that I can connect with and just...
  2. SillySwampert

    It has been a LONG time

    Hi there, guys. It feels good to be back here again. I'm not sure if most of the members I knew on here have left or not, so I might as well cover the basics and go over what has happened over the past few months. My name is Jagged and I am an AB/DL from Australia. More about myself is in my...
  3. PetPuppyAlex

    The Return of AlexAwesome/HuskyAllie

    So, I've been away for about a good few months to half a year now due to a bunch of various situations that have been playing themselves out, that just generally added up to a heavily declined interest in diapers or anything 'baby' for that matter, but I've decided that I miss this place quite...
  4. Maxicoon

    The mask is lifted

    I can't really call this a re-introduction as I never introduced myself in the first place (which I just realized:o). Well I'm an Ab/Littlefur. I love playing on my Xbox 360, reading, and cooking. Favorite book: The basic works of Aristotle Favorite dish: Garlic Rosemary chicken Favorite...