1. U

    Dreaming and wishing

    Kind of a dream or rant so apologies Living with my elderly father who is in the house with me 90 percent of the time its impossible to wear diapers/nappies as much as I'd like to, that why I wish I had a friend here in the uk with a place I could go and hang out at and use nappies for wetting...
  2. ABCelaenasWorld

    Going out!

    I’m going to a small event at a coffee shop tomorrow, 10 - 12 not that long, but I’ll be around like minded people😇
  3. Angellothefox

    10 Things that babies do/have/can have that makes me Jelious

    I know this is silly but some of these do make me a little Jelly. 10. Babies can use their diapers in public. Yes I know they is nothing stopping us from doing that but it is a gray area and it comes under the public indicincy act even if you have the cubical door closed. If any member of the...
  4. AmberBulb95

    Diaper related threads

    I've noticed an awful lot of diaper threads in this 'Adult Baby' forum recently and though I would discuss it with some of you. I personally don't 'use'diapers, I just wear them, but many others use them to their full extent, and I wasn't sure if I was the only one uncomfortable with constantly...