1. ABCelaenasWorld

    Random thing from my mind😂

    Becoming is hard, it’s a mountain that we only climb our whole lives, but some break to the peak only to get to true tranquility.
  2. ABCelaenasWorld

    Going out!

    I’m going to a small event at a coffee shop tomorrow, 10 - 12 not that long, but I’ll be around like minded people😇
  3. P

    Random Facts that you find interesting

    I like finding bits of random facts and things, I'm wondering what kinds of things everyone else out there find. Post something that you have looked up or researched and thought was interesting or funny, include meme's gifs, pics, whatever. ran into this bit of info today never really thought...
  4. Premetheus

    I am a male... aren't I?

    I mean, I like to wear womens underwear from time to time... maybe a skirt or something. I just would never be comfortable enough in my own skin to go in public. The best I can do is wear eyeshadow, nailpolish, and have panties on under my male clothes. If you ask me that takes some kind of guts...
  5. Premetheus

    Internet... to be or not to be, that is the question

    I should have internet again on the 12th of this month. I'm posting this at a friend's place. I really like the site and am anxious to be able to visit it daily or at least every other day. I can post from my phone, but it is kind of inconvient. While I have access to the internet is there...
  6. Premetheus

    Some random facts about me.

    Here are some random facts about me in no particular order -I have been a rollerblader for 14 years -My girlfriend knows all of my secrets and accepts me as I am -My girlfriend didn't know she was a furry until I explained it to her -I love music with a real message but not so much cursing. If...
  7. littlefwuffybrat

    Haii there!!

    Hewwo everyone yew can call me kawaiideviant or rachel, or playful, whatever yew want ^_^ I'm really new to everything with adbl and this website, and I would love to make some friends on here! I love doodling, colouring, playing on my xbox, especially minecraft :D oh oh and also, hello kitty...
  8. A

    random thoughts

    ok so i was thinking today and when i do i come up with weird questions today i relived when im changing i tape the right side first but i think its because im right handed. just wondering if anyone else noticed.
  9. Blacksmith

    Random stuff picked up along the road

    What do you stop on the side of the road to pick up? Me I tend to stop and pick up those black rubber bungie cords (tarp straps) because I'm too cheap to buy them and they are great to tie down anything loose in the truck box:) and we are always losing one or breaking one:( or what other random...
  10. macabre

    Pet Peeves

    So I realized today that I have a pet peeve that I hadn't realized before this. This was rather odd, becuase I while I am urked by many things, I had never really realized this one. This one being a general loathing for people who are native to a region to not know that places idioms. Now, I...
  11. A

    Hey there!

    Hi! So this is the first site of its kind that I've found, and since I've been starting to recognize and accept this part of myself more recently I figured I'd join. Umm... I've always had an interest in diapers; I remember finding Pull-Ups when I was younger and wearing and wetting until my...
  12. Kyatto


    Just wondering if any other users have any tattoos. I have 2, One of a wolf on my right shoulder, and a Cross on my right leg ( If you wanna see em, check my dA page )
  13. Eulogy

    "Best" Abnormal Listening Selections?

    Alright, simple here, what's your favorite musical group, that doesn't have much to do with what you normally listen to?(Like if you are a metalhead, a country group that you love, Indie music lover listening to rap artist, etc...) For me, it's John Prine...who's gonna poke fun at me for that...
  14. BromeTeks

    So, I went to school as a pirate today...

    Yeah, despite the fact that there was no occasion whatsoever, I decided to go to school dressed as a pirate today. Pictures may or may not follow. Thoughts/comments/related stories? 3 2 1 DISCUSS
  15. Dream

    Happy Friday the 13th!!

    Well it Friday the 13th, the mostly unluckly day ever and the name of a very good horror film series. So have a Happy Unluckly Friday the 13th!! because is only came around once a year :) *Yep I know that I'm werid and random :D*