1. nightfox320

    Girlfriend Backlash!

    So I posted earlier this year or possibly near the end of last year concerning me coming out as and AB/DL to my girlfriend. She took it well but never mentioned or wanted to talk about it after that afternoon. So for the last couple of months I assumed she was cool with it. So last week, seeing...
  2. MotoX

    My desire to wear diapers is gone

    Hey, haven't been here for awhile and probably won't be on much more but I wanted to post this here. I am what I would call, a former Diaper Lover. I had a desire for wearing diapers since.....well, ever since I can remember. Now I have done the whole purge thing so I know that this isn't it. I...
  3. J

    Quitting being DL?

    Ok, I decided to quit this habit, I once believed that it is abnormal and weird and wanted the urge to wear a nappy to go away, I then got to wear one and accepted it. Now I have gone back to my original feelings and through out my remaining unused stash of nappies and recycled the metal box...
  4. PetPuppyAlex

    How to quit DLism?

    Well, I quit cold turkey for almost a year before, but then, for my birthday, I got a HUGE amount of money and that made me remember and I couldn't resist going down to the store and buying all the diapers I could a fford [$with 200] Honestly, I definitely don't want to quit, but this is...