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    Hello! :3

    Greetings from San Diego! Anyways, my names Zach, I'm very shy and quiet (I only act myself if i'm completing comfortable around you). I started to become fascinated in diapers when I was about 8, I remember whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom, we would pass the diaper aisle and I would...
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    hello I´m new here!!

    Hello I am a quiet guy who likes to cook and play guitar in my day off and now in winter i also do snowboarding. I work as a chef for many years and i really enjoy it and i feel good to work with something that i love. I like to use diapers but i can´t use them as much as i want because i share...
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    First Diaper Trip

    I live with my parents and haven't had any chances to buy diapers since I don't have a car. Lately, I have had some really strong urges to wear diapers, so I think I am just going to man up and bike to the nearest store which happens to be Kmart. It is only about a mile away from my house so I...
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    Shopping for Variety(requesting opinions and suggestions)

    I recently picked up my first pack of diapers which were Tranquility ATNs. For their "class" I like them. They're pretty absorbent and the PERFECT price. The only problem I've run into so far is that they're EXTREMELY crinkly. I don't own any briefs, but there is no way that boxers and jeans can...