1. RainbowConnection

    A Thought Experiment

    I'm 19, male. Now, I don't think I'm trans or nonbinary or anything of that nature (perhaps gender non-conforming, at the most, but who knows -- I was never one for titles). But I do identify with a lot of traditionally "feminine" traits, and prefer to exhibit a much softer side of my...
  2. AceAlienBabe

    I may be a little

    Hello, I'm new to this. I have been interested in finding a father figure all of my life but I just discovered this community. Is there a portion of this community that is asexual? I am non sexual and am hoping to find a long term or permanent father. I'm not into diapers by the way. What do you...
  3. PrincessSara

    Trans & Gender Queer/Fluid & Questioning Skype Group Chat - 1st Chat May 31st 5PM PST!

    well, since I'm impatient, here goes :P Hi there! I thought it might be pertinent to set up something in the same vein for exclusively Trans/Gender-variant people/Questioning folk and see if there was much interest. This will not be limited to EC+'s, everyone trans/gender-variant/Questioning...