1. WishfulJirachi

    A fun question for those who are incontinent

    You come across a person who says they are able to cure you of your incontinence, but at the cost of your not being able to wear diapers or anything of the sorts ever again. Would you take up this offer? Why or why not?
  2. EclipseWolf

    When to come out as ABDL to a (potential) boyfriend?

    I’m going on a date with a guy from work and I know that if we pursue a relationship, I will eventually have to tell him about my little side. How far into the relationship should I do that? Should I tell him at the same time that I tell him I’m asexual? Should I wait until we start thinking...
  3. S

    Help Buying Diapers In South Africa

    Long story short I live in South Africa for some odd reason and I'm looking to get into the more AB side of this lifestyle. Currently, I'm using drynites that I bought and they're pretty good but I do want to experience ABDL diapers but I cannot find anywhere that sells proper ABDL diapers. I...
  4. Class4Division2

    I need help on a DIY project

    Does anyone know how to remove the design layer of a pull-up or baby diaper? I saw someone on etsy do it and was selling them and I'm trying to figure it out for myself so I don't have to spend so much money to get a bunch of cute diapers.
  5. furbyreg

    Out of diapers too early?

    When I was younger, around 2, I told my mom i didn't want to wear diapers anymore because my older sibling had already stopped wearing them and I wanted to as grown up as they are. My mom let me stop wearing diapers, and I never had an accident or any issues as a child. Now as an 18 year old, I...
  6. Elad92

    How to be more little?

    Hey. I am hoping to get some advice on how I can explore my little side more and do more little things. Currently I wear nappies, a onesie, have a dummy, get bathed, get fed a bottle and suckle my girlfriends/mummy's boobies. What else can I do to feel more little? I guess I feel around the...
  7. A

    NEVA Ocean Print Diaper - Picture included

    Hi Everyone, So I recently received a pack of the mysterious cloth-feel Neva ocean print diapers, shipped from China. I've been looking around ADISC and Reddit for someone to do a review of them, but I haven't seen anything yet. I'm not a master reviewer, but I hope this gives you some...
  8. A

    Will drynites 8-15 fit me?

    I'm new here, and this is my first post soo... here goes nothing :sweatdrop: My waist is 44" and i'm quite sure that drynites can fit me? if not, are there some other common diapers/pullups that will? // Asger
  9. Slomo

    Are you incontinent questions

    So I've been seeing a whole lot of people stating they are having (whatever) problems. And they want to know if they are becoming incontinent or should see a doctor. Let me just answer that for everyone and anyone else thinking the same question. YES you need to go see a doctor. More...
  10. Angellothefox

    Are you coming to Confuzzled this year?

    Are you coming to confuzzled this year 2018! I just want to know whether you lil babyfurs and bigger diaperfurs will be there?
  11. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diaper questions/reviews?

    I know I know- Its a LOOOOOOOT for some people, although I have a few questions if you wanna start with that! Best diaper you ever had on? Worst diaper you ever had on? Best diaper for comfort? Best diaper for holding... messes n accidents? Best diaper for hiding in public? Your first...
  12. I

    Fit into Pampers easy ups 4-5t 🎀

    I am currently in the the process of losing weight and my goal is to fit into pampers easy ups 4-5t. Mainly because it has the hello kitty design and that's just too cute �� Right now I'm 5,1' and 150 lbs hoping to get down to 100 Can any of you fit into pampers easy ups? What are...
  13. R

    a question that fits in this forum catagory

    Hello its me again and i got a question to ask. So i don't mind it when people wear diapers. If buying diapers and all the other stuff cost so much money than why do you decide to do it? Is it that good? How do you sustain the income to buy diapers and the stuff while having food to eat, stuff...
  14. BusterBunny

    Should I Be Worried?

    I'm gonna cut to the chase here, I've wet myself (Not on purpose, by accident) twice this week, I do have a really bad cold and both happened whilst I was washing my hands. In the past when I've had a bad cold (Specifically head cold) this has never happened, I've been completely in control of...
  15. hime

    Simulating mess

    What’s a good way to simulate the feel of messing? And risks of the option?
  16. BusterBunny

    Finding Out Quite Late?

    Hey guys, this is gonna be somewhere between a monologue about how I found out I was ABDL and an ask, so bear with me! I actually found out quite late in the game, unlike some of you who found an interest in padding and being a baby around early childhood to early teens, I found out at around...
  17. BusterBunny

    Going into littlespace when stressed?

    If I get incredibly stressed or mentally drained my brain instantly tries to go into littlespace, no matter where or how inconvenient it is for me, of course, this isn't a good thing and yes I know how to suppress it when the moment is terrible (for example, job interviews or just being out...
  18. Angellothefox

    What is a babyfur and...

    I am doing research for my WordPress website blog that I am doing. Any post comments that I get will remain anonymous on the site Also be aware that I will not quote anyone that puts silly comments. Example: "Research it", "You on the wrong website if you do not know what a babyfur is","I...
  19. BusterBunny

    So, I Came Out To My Mum...

    There will be a TL;DR at the bottom so If you're impatient, go straight to that. To make a long story short, I came out to my mum as ABDL, I may not have picked the best time to do it, but, I did anyway. We were walking back from to shop after grabbing some milk and bread and I told her I had...
  20. dlguy4life

    NorthShore Supreme Briefs VS. Abena Abri‑Form Classic Briefs

    I prefer my diapers to be as thick and crinkly as possible. So I have always bought the Abena M4's however, I have seen reviews online how thick and crinkly the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are. I obviously have never tried the NorthShore Supreme Briefs, are they that much better than the Abena...